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Dividing Finances during divorce & seperation

Our divorce solicitors are experts on all financial aspects of divorce, dissolution and separation, including the division of family assets, trusts, company and partnership interests, periodic and lump sum payments, property and pension issues. Even if you have agreed these matters, or if there is nothing to share, it is important that matters are formalised so that financial claims are not revived in the future.

When dealing with finances in divorce, there are complex issues involved and the Court has a wide discretion. It is therefore important for you to obtain advice to ensure that you do achieve the best outcome. Here at Downs, we are able to offer sensible but solid advice which hopefully will provide practical solutions tailored to the specific needs of your case. 

When the Court are dealing with finances on divorce, the Court has far-reaching powers which include assets overseas as well as assets here in the UK. However, international assets will often mean that there may be complications, depending on where the foreign assets are located. This involves elements of international law and it is important that you seek advice and from a suitably qualified family solicitor. Here it Downs we have the expertise to deal with divorce and financial cases with international elements.

The financial outcome of your divorce will need to provide stability for you and your family for years thereafter and it is therefore important that you ensure the best and right outcome. Here at Downs we aim to help you achieve that.

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