Liz Dalgetty Aug 2022

Online-only bank? Check your LPA

It seems as though “challenger banks” are everywhere at the moment. Not only are they breaking the mould of traditional high street banking, they are luring in customers with very attractive interest rates. Their strategy seems to be paying off, as people join in their droves - and if you are one of them, take care with any legal documentation.

Julian Harvey Jul 2022

The Register of Overseas Entities

The Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act (‘the Act’) became law on 15 March 2022.  Its primary purpose is to crack down on tax fraud and money laundering that involves UK property by making it harder for criminals to hide behind shell companies and to make it easier to seize properties that have been purchased illegally. 

Keith Potter Jul 2022

Part Time Workers and Holiday Pay

A decision of the Supreme Court issued on 20 July 2022 has attracted a lot of publicity.

Contrary to the impression given by some of the coverage, the key issue in the case was the amount of holiday pay which should be paid to a worker who only works on certain weeks of the year.

Mehboob Dharamsi Jul 2022

The pandemic's positive impact on wills

It might seem odd to think that Covid-19 could bring us any positives. But, as well as working more flexibly and appreciating our freedom, the pandemic also kick-started many of us into thinking about the future.

Liz Dalgetty Jun 2022

How the pandemic has changed our attitudes towards wills - perhaps forever

We've long been urging people to make sure their wills are up to date - especially if you have remarried or you've had more children. We've seen all too many times how dying without a will can lead to heartbreak and it seems the pandemic has changed the way we think about wills - and it's about time!

David Seals Jun 2022

Have you had your working from home request refused?

According to a study from the Trade Union Congress (TUC) many workplaces are now viewing remote or hybrid working as permanent fixtures. While homeworking is not a given if requested, employers should give a good reason if they refuse it.

David Seals Jun 2022

Menopause discrimination cases are on the rise - it’s time to act

Employment tribunals involving menopause increased by 44% in 2021, as women claim their employers are not taking reasonable enough measures to support them. Now is the time for employers to act and start implementing guidance for women, but also raise awareness in the workplace in general.

Liz Dalgetty May 2022

Should I downsize with my daughter?

Q: I’d like to help my daughter onto the property ladder. I want to downsize. Is it a win-win?

I’m in my late 60s and paid off my mortgage a long time ago on the family home I’ve lived in for 40 years. I’m looking to downsize and by doing so, I wanted to offer my daughter some money from the sale of my home to purchase her own - she is currently renting with her husband and two children and is struggling to get on the housing ladder.

She then suggested that we used the money to purchase a bigger house, so that I might live with her and her family. I am on my own now my husband has passed so it would be great company for me. Plus, as I get older, she will be closer by to help out.

It seems like the perfect solution, but are there any pitfalls to downsizing and living with my daughter?

Liz Dalgetty May 2022

Save yourself the heartache of a homemade will

Yet another case hits the headlines of how homemade wills have fallen foul of the law - and another reminder as to why it’s always best to seek advice from professionals.

Heather Love May 2022

It's time for a culture change this mental health week

From 9th - 15th May it is Mental Health Week, so there's never been a better time to think about the wellbeing of others. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year in England, it's important that discussions continue to open up - especially when it comes to tackling issues relating to mental health at work.