We are friendly as well as professional and we’d like to help you live and work where you choose.  Whether your migrant journey relates to your career or your family life, we can draw on comprehensive expertise to deliver bespoke advice and support.  Our immigration team understands how stressful personal immigration issues can be.  We are able to explain your options and the relevant requirements clearly, empowering you to achieve your goals. 

Matters we can help with include the following:

UK immigration applications for individuals are amongst the most complex.  The investor, entrepreneur and family routes are particularly tricky.  Luckily for our clients, our immigration team has been advising on all these routes for several years, and we’ve kept up with the changes to the intricate requirements.

If you are interested in staying in the UK long-term, we are happy to help with planning for settlement and citizenship.

We are ready to support you in any personal immigration matter, from visitor applications to proving your right to work in the UK.  The Home Office is stricter than ever when assessing applications, regardless of the duration or purpose of one’s stay in the UK. 

We also provide training for clubs, groups and students on the investor and entrepreneur routes, EEA rights and documentation and other immigration topics of interest to individuals.  Please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Immigration, Samar Shams, to discuss training options.