Design, Media and Sports Law

Whether you are a creative agency, an artistic performer, a journalist, a novelist or an agent representing individuals in this area, you will need specialist legal advice to ensure that you get the best from any contracts that you enter into.

Contracts in the creative industries are quite unique, and need a different approach to standard commercial contracts. Our knowledge and extensive experience of these sectors stand us apart from the competition, and give you a genuine competitive edge in negotiating and finalising agreements in your favour, with a specific focus on protection and successful commercial exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights.

As a business or a creative individual in this area it is easy to feel that you have a weak bargaining position when dealing with larger corporations or media outlets. The negotiation process and the contracting process can be difficult to understand and there are many ways that you can miss out on opportunities to further your career. Agreeing to lengthy binding contracts too early in your career, such as 360 agreements, can seriously hamper your ability to move your career forward in the way that you want.

As an agent or media company, you need to ensure that you get the right advice about what sort of agreements will suit your clients, and this is where our experience and knowledge can help you.

As design, media and sports lawyers, we aim to find solutions to the issues that you face. Too often solicitors will tell you why you cannot do what you hope to do. Our approach is different in that we help you find ways to make your media deals work the way you want them to, and to your best advantage.

We have lawyers who are members of the Design Business Association, the International Association of IT Lawyers, as well as accredited FA and RFU Licensed Agents.

For more information about our Corporate and Commercial Services, or to find out more about how we can help you and your business, please contact our Corporate team.